Don’t you just love the feeling of creating something with your own hands?
THE ASSEMBLY LINE makes it easy to get started, with a perfect range of sewing patterns and carefully selected high-quality fabrics and trims. Buy it all with a few clicks, right here in our shop. Everything will be delivered to you in one package, ready to be turned into your new favourite garment.

Did you ever struggle to find the perfect fabric for making a certain garment? Have you ever fallen in love with a beautiful fabric, without being able to find a sewing pattern that would make it justice? Were you ever overwhelmed by too many alternatives with too little personality?

We did. We have. And we were.

That’s why we started THE ASSEMBLY LINE. We want to help all you stylish, creative dressmakers sail through the preparation process and get to the fun part more quickly. How? By offering carefully crafted sewing patterns matching our own contemporary, Scandinavian style, together with a range of high-quality fabrics and trims selected to suit each pattern perfectly. 

With degrees and work experience within fashion and design we know how to make it happen. We know what looks good, we know quality, and we know how to take an idea all the way from the drawing-board to the finished garment. 

THE ASSEMBLY LINE wishes to offer an alternative to the mass-produced options of the High Street. Our alternative is not only contemporary, functional and gorgeous. It’s also easy to obtain and easy to create (even for a non-professional!), with a guaranteed high-end result. No more unfinished sewing projects in the closet!