The basic idea with selling our patterns in single sizes is to make the sewing process as easy as can be, to attract everyone - those who don't really have the time but really want to, those who feel a bit rusty with their sewing skills and those who actually never have tried sewing seriously.

With the single size pattern you just have to cut the parts out and then you're ready to go! 
If you wish, we even offer entire product kits. It's all added to your cart from the same product page in our shop. You just have to decide which size and what fabric to go with, and then you may order pattern + fabric + trims in a few clicks. 

We believe the ordinary sewing process with a lot of preparations and decisions to make also requires a lot of knowledge about patterns, suitable fabrics and needed trims, and we believe this could scare a lot of people away from the wonderful, creative world of sewing.